Congdon's Shop
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The two main centres of population in the parish are North Hill Churchtown and Coad’s Green.

Some of the smaller hamlets and other places are shown above. Click on any one to find out more. If you would like to add to the list and our knowledge of other places in the parish, please get in touch.

1841 Census of North Hill parish

The 1841 census recorded 211 households in the parish; shown below are the number of households in each place (spelling as shown on the census).

  • 26 - North Hill Village
  • 20 - Coad's Green
  • 11 - Illand
  • 10 - Newtown
  •   8 - Slippera Hill
  •   6 - Middlewood, Trevendel
  •   5 - Kingbeare, Lynher, Stonaford, Trebartha Cottages
  •   4 - Landreyne, Lewarn, Trefursden, Trewethy, Way Cross
  •   3 - Mean Hill, Trebartha Barton, Wayland Cot, West Tremollett
  •   2 - Bowda, Cold Quite, Congdon Shop, East Tremollett, Lemarne, Little Lewarn, North Boternell, Penhole, Port Lodge, South Battens, Trefuge, Tremollett Ford, Underway, Uphill
  •   1 - Boland, Cate Cottage, Clitters, Dower House, East Castick, Glubhole, Halfacre, High House, Langsford, Langstone, Lanoy, Lanoy Mine Cottage, Lawn, Mid Tremollett, Old Long Cottage Penhole, Priors, Swiss Cottage, Symons, Talcarn, Trebartha Dower Hse, Trebartha Hall, Trefursdon, Trekernald, Treswell, Trewortha, West Berrio, West Castick, West Tremellott

Views from around the parish

Old Battens Bridge (pre 1935 and a much earlier stone bridge) 1935 – Major Rodd opens the new Battens Bridge Round building at Illand

The images at the top of the page show (L-R): Trebartha Hall, Lewarne and Illand