BERRIO - Berrio Bridge, West Berrio & East Berrio

Berrio Bridge is North Hill’s primary crossing place of the River Lynher.

How is the name of this place spelled? The answer seems to depend upon whom you ask, where they live, what part of the area you are talking about and whether the Post Office are involved; there may be other factors and other spellings and it is as well not to be too pedantic about spelling. All spellings of Berio, Berrio, Beriow, Berriow and even Beryo have been used in the past and most of these are in use today. They are all acceptable, the infallible approach is to check with the person you are talking to, how they choose to spell it. They will be correct, whatever they say!

In mid-Victorian times the Beriow Mine was worked on the edge of the moor. About a century later the Hawkswood Mine opened and closed. Click on the links for more about these mines.

The following two studies look at the nineteenth century occupation.

In 2013 the Milestone Society reported (page 15) that one of the railway’s milestones can be seen on the roadside at Berrio Bridge House, a significant distance from its original location. Read more ...

In June 2015 Gill and Darren Farmer of Berrio Bridge B&B were interviewed by the North Hill Parish Magazine. Read more ...

Images of Berrio

The image at the top of the page shows Berrio around 1930.