William Werry Landrey

This photograph is thought to be of the Landrey family outside their home in Lemarne and was taken around 1910. The photograph has been kindly supplied by Robert Latham.

The 1911 census shows the family:

  • Harry Landrey, head, 42, married, head gamekeeper, worker, born in North Hill in Cornwall
  • Mary Nicolls Landrey, wife, 40, married for 17 years, 4 children (all alive), born in Altarnun in Cornwall
  • William Werry Landrey, son, 14, assistant to gamekeeper, worker, born in Chudleigh in Devon
  • Harry Landrey, son, 13, born in Lemarne in North Hill in Cornwall
  • Margaret Emily Landrey, daughter, 9, born in Lemarne in North Hill in Cornwall

The location of Lemarne is not in dispute and the people shown in the census above can be deduced from the photograph, but who is the tall gentleman at the back? Is this the Landrey family or, perhaps, the Maurice family?

There exists an engaging theory as to the identity of the people shown in the above photograph.

In April 2015 Julian Hargreaves wrote "Around fifteen years ago I spent some considerable time researching this photograph, and came to different conclusions as to the identity of the persons shown. In particular, the censuses show a difference of four years in the ages of the youngest Landrey children, whereas in the photo, the little girl is much closer in age to her younger brother."

Julian wrote a very well researched treatise on the photograph and came to the conclusion that the family in the photograph were the Maurice family, relations of the Rodd family of Trebartha Hall.

We recommend that if you have even a passing interest that you take the time to read Julian's fascinating document (1.75mb pdf).

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