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William Werry Landrey is featured in the North Hill Local History Group’s publication The Fallen of North Hill Parish”. This page provides additional information which has come to light since the book was printed. If you have any knowledge, information, pictures or artefacts which would be useful in telling his story, please contact us.

A poster created to remember William at the book launch of “The Fallen of North Hill Parish” can be seen here.

The entry in the “The Fallen of North Hill Parish” can be seen here.



William Werry Landrey, of Lemarne, was killed on 26 August 1916 whilst fighting on the Western Front with the Tank Corps.

Erratum: page 24 of “The Fallen of North Hill” shows the date of death as 26 September 1916; this should read 26 August 1916.


10.1 Lemarne.jpg

10.3 Lemarne.jpg

This photograph of the Landrey family outside their home in Lemarne was taken around 1910. The photograph has been kindly supplied by Robert Latham. The 1911 census shows the family:

·       Harry Landrey, head, 42, married, head gamekeeper, worker, born in North Hill in Cornwall

·       Mary Nicolls Landrey, wife, 40, married for 17 years, 4 children (all alive), born in Altarnun in Cornwall

·       William Werry Landrey, son, 14, assistant to gamekeeper, worker, born in Chudleigh in Devon

·       Harry Landrey, son, 13, born in Lemarne in North Hill in Cornwall

·       Margaret Emily Landrey, daughter, 9, born in Lemarne in North Hill in Cornwall

William Werry Landry’s birth was registered as William Martin Landry but that this was 'changed' in family usage. His father, Harry (b1868), was the son of Thomas Werry Landry and Emma Martin and it is very common to use the maiden name of one of the child’s grandmothers as a middle name for the child. The ages given in the census returns indicate a birth date between September 1896 and March 1897. De Ruvigny's record of his death gives his birthplace as Harcombe (a large house with grounds just north west of Chudleigh which would need a gamekeeper) and his date of birth as 3 Oct 1896.

There exists an engaging theory as to who are the people shown in the above photograph.

In April 2015 Julian Hargreaves wrote “Around fifteen years ago I spent some considerable time researching this photograph, and came to different conclusions as to the identity of the persons shown. In particular, the censuses show a difference of four years in the ages of the youngest Landrey children, whereas in the photo, the little girl is much closer in age to her younger brother.”

Julian wrote a very well researched treatise on the photograph and came to the conclusion that the family in the photograph were the Maurice family, relations of the Rodd family of Trebartha Hall. We do recommend that if you have even a passing interest that you take the time to read Julian’s fascinating document. You can access the document here (1.75mb pdf).

Part of Julian’s reasoning is based upon the lady in the photograph. He writes “The middle image attached is Harriet Maurice from the first Lemearne photo. The lady on the left was born in Trefursdon, and is recorded as the daughter of a John and Mary Ann Smith. She however told one of her sons that she believed that she was not the daughter of John Smith, but of the local squire. So when Robert lent me the Lemearne photo (originating from Trebartha), I was particularly interested to find this image of a lady whose face has the same dimensions as the other (same distance between the eyes, length and width of nose, vertical position of mouth, even length of mouth, contour of chin) as demonstrated in the composite image on the right. From that I immediately formulated the theory that the Lemearne lady was Harriet Maurice the sister of Francis Rashleigh Rodd, and as you have seen, later demonstrated that theory to be correct. The lady on the left was my great grandmother.”


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