Dawe is an ancient surname which is found widely scattered across the South West, and in Cornwall in particular. Inevitably there are Dawe families in North Hill who interact with folk from nearby parishes. These factors combine to make research into the family difficult.

The earliest evidence for there being Dawe family members in North Hill comes from the St Torney registers and dates from the early 1600s. It is almost certain that people with this surname had been here for centuries before that. On the road to Launceston is the small village of Daw's House but this is a later naming. As is usual with records earlier than the 20th century spelling, especially of surnames, is phonetic and variants are common.

In the early 1600s there are four main branches of the Dawe family in North Hill headed by Gabriel Daw (26), Gentill Daw (397), another Gentill Daw of a similar age (14) and Stephen Daw (334); the numbers represent the known descendants as at the beginning of 2021. One of those descendants was Vernon Dawe who is descended from Gentill Daw (397) and Margaret Vincent whose marriage record is shown in the banner on this page.

Vernon and his brother attended Coad's Green School. Vernon is pictured here about 1965 with his father, Fernley Dawe, and brother, Melvyn Dawe. The family lived in Lanoy from 1945 to 1956 and Vernon has recorded his reminiscences of that time for his grandchildren and for us to share as well.

Click on the pdf file (2mb) for his entertaining, illustrated story of a time not completely lost. Can you help identify some of the people in the photographs and in Vernon's story?

Three Dawe Families into One

Dave Dawe is a lifelong friend of Vernon Dawe and until recently their respective families had no known connection despite the close geographical proximity. Dave married Mary Rundle whose mother was a Dawe. Through Dave and Mary's marriage they unwittingly created a connection, albeit through yet a third Dawe family. The three family lines, which can be seen developing independently in the attached pdf file, came from Egloskerry & Lewannick, Stoke Climsland and North Hill.

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Our thanks go to Dave Dawe for the research and the chart.


The banner image shows the entry in the North Hill parish register of the marriage of "Gentell Daw and Margaret Vincent mar'd 17 Feb 1641". The entry itself is a 1670s transcript of an earlier register which no longer exists.