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Charles Edward Rodd when he was 14.


Taken at Sherborne School in December 1863



Charles Edward Rodd was born in May 1849 and was named Charles after his father who was the Rector of North Hill in Cornwall.

Charles Edward Rodd was baptised by his father in North Hill’s parish church, dedicated to St Torney. The parish register entry reads “13 May 1849 – Charles Edward son of Charles and Emma Rodd of North Hill Parsonage (Clerk) was baptized”.

Charles Edward Rodd was buried by his father in the graveyard surrounding St Torney’s Church. The parish register entry reads “19 December 1865 – Charles Edward Rodd of Parsonage North Hill was buried aged 16”.

The Rodd family had lived in the parish since 1720 when Francis Rodd was bequeathed the country estate of Trebartha Hall. The Rodd family seat was in Herefordshire but Francis made North Hill his home and the family remained in the parish for over 200 years. Francis Rodd’s great grandson, Charles Rodd, was born in 1807. He went to Exeter College, Oxford in 1826 and earned his Bachelor of Arts in 1829. Having been ordained he became rector of the parish in 1832 under the auspices of his patron who was his father’s brother, Francis Hearle Rodd, the High Sheriff of Cornwall who had inherited the Trebartha estate. The parish had a population of 1,160 souls at the time, the church being capable of accommodating almost half of them at any one time. The stipend was £411.

Charles returned to Herefordshire to marry his bride, Emma Harvey, at Ross on Wye on 20th May 1834. They set up home in the Parsonage in North Hill and they were recorded there on subsequent census returns.

In 1841 Charles and Emma were at home with their two daughters Elizabeth Ann (aged 4) and Emma (aged 10 months). With them were five servants – Ann Smith (35), Elizabeth Vanson (30), Elizabeth Bishop (18), Ann Spry (20) and William James (20).

By the time of the 1851 census their son Charles Edward Rodd had been born and was now two years old. The household had increased to accommodate the growing family as can be seen here:


Parsonage House, North Hill

Charles Rodd,Head,M,43,,Rector Of North Hill,St Just In Roseland Cornwall,,

,,Emma Rodd,Wife,M,,39,,Ross Herefordshire,,

,,Elizabeth A Rodd,Dau,,,14,At Home,North Hill Cornwall,,

,,Emma Rodd,Dau,,,10,At Home,North Hill Cornwall,,

,,Charles E Rodd,Son,,2,,,North Hill Cornwall,,

,,Rosalie F Griesback,Governess,U,,26,Governess,Chelsea Middlesex,,

,,Mary Facy,Servnt,W,,31,Nursery (Child’s) Maid,Trewen Cornwall,,

,,Grace Hodge,Servnt,U,,31,Cook,Harberton Devon,,

,,Mary G Stephens,Servnt,U,,28,Parlour Maid & House Maid,North Hill Cornwall,,

,,Mary A Sandercock,Servnt,U,,20,Under Housemaid & Kitchen Maid,North Hill Cornwall,,



When Charles became old enough he was sent to school and in 1861 he can be seen, aged 12, recorded on the census at the Grammar School House in Uffculme in Devon, presumably as a boarder.

From here he moved to Sherborne School in Dorset where he boarded, pictured here in December 1863. Charles is the boy seated on the floor, on the right.


The school can be pictured in these contemporary images.


Below is a cutting from the Sherborne Mercury. This announcement also appeared in the London Standard, Exeter & Plymouth Gazette, Pall Mall Gazette, Morning Post and the Alnwick Mercury in Northumberland.




The death certificate shows that Charles died from “Continued Fever, Effusion on the Brain”. This may well be what we know today as meningitis. The informant at his death was Deborah Judith Burrell, who was probably the school matron at the time.

The loss of Charles at such a young age was a deeply felt loss to the family and in his memory they commissioned two stained glass windows. One was installed in the parish church of St Torney, near to where Charles was buried. The other can be seen in the chapel at Sherborne School in Dorset.

The placing of the windows would probably have been around the same time. The North Hill installation was reported in the Royal Cornwall Gazette which described the window in some detail.





The window in St Torney’s dedicated to Charles is in the south wall of the chancel. The dedication is on a brass plaque below the window and behind the pillars. All this is properly described in the newspaper article above. (Click on the images for a larger image)



The two windows can be seen side by side (click on the image below)

The St Torney Church Window

The Sherborne School Chapel Window

The St Torney window’s script recites

1 Thessalonians 4:14


For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.


King James Bible,

Authorized Version,

Cambridge Edition

Left lancet:

Deo op(timo) max(imo) in Honorem

In honour of Almighty God ..




Middle lancet:

Eccl(esiae) suae in Aedif(iciu)m

.. This [window] was made in his church ..




Right lancet:

Car(olus) Edu(ardus) Rodd in mem(oriu)m

.. In memory of Charles Edward Rodd.





Note. The bottom line of the lancet inscriptions on the Sherborne window indicate the people who were important in Charles’ life: his sisters Elizabeth & Emma, his parents and his schoolmasters.


St Torney

The imagery is based upon Charles’ and his family’s Anglican faith, reflecting upon Charles’ death

The imagery in the windows:

Sherborne School Chapel

The imagery is based upon children, education and Christianity

The birth of Jesus.


A child, probably a representation of Charles, is learning from Christ and some of the apostles.

The resurrection of Christ. The Roman soldier represents those who were on guard but slept when the tomb was opened. (Matt 28v13)


Jesus learning in the temple. The Torah and other scripts are depicted here.

Jesus being taken from the cross to the tomb.


Jesus suffering the little children to come unto him.


The picture of the stained glass window at Sherborne has been kindly provided by Rachel Hassall of the Sherborne School Archives

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