There have been families in and around North Hill who have revelled in the name Budge for centuries. St Torney's parish register shows that on 31 October 1630 Thomas Budge brought his son, John, to be baptized..

As Budge is not an uncommon name in the area around the Tamar Valley it is not surprising that not everybody named Budge can show a family relationship to every other Budge.

The 1906 Rate Book for North Hill shows a Budge family and the Peter Budge family listed:

Bill Budge (1934-2016)

Bill lived at Kingbear, was a highly active member of the community throughout his life and a founder member of the North Hill Local History Group. Bill died on the 8th May 2016 aged 82.

The banner image shows an extract from the 1906 Rate Book and a prize Aberdeen Angus in the hands of Bill(?) Budge.