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From this small parish we know of over 40 people with connections to the parish who lost their lives as a result of the two world wars.

Click on the poppy to see the Roll of Honour.

The War Memorial at Congdon’s Shop carries the names of fourteen servicemen who died in World War One and four service men who died in World War Two.

As well as these fourteen casualties from the First World War there are three more mentioned on the Roll of Honour in St Torney’s Church. Another three are shown on the members of Coad’s Green Day and Sunday School lists in Coad’s Green Church. The names of other casualties have also been made known to us.



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The Coad’s Green Sunday and Day School Roll of Honour for World War 1. The fallen have been outlined in black.


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The Roll of Honour in St Torney’s Church, North Hill


Before dying I must just make my poem.

Quiet, comrades, don’t disturb me.

We are going off to war. Death is our bond.

Oh, if only my girl-friend would stop howling.

What do I matter? I’m happy to go.

My mother’s crying. You need to be made of iron.

The sun is falling down on to the horizon.

Soon they’ll be throwing me into a nice mass grave.

In the sky the good old sunset is glowing red.

In thirteen days maybe I’ll be dead.

Alfred Lichtenstein



The Fallen of North Hill Parish

frontcoverflyer.jpgThe 4th of August 2014 marked the centenary of the outbreak of World War One. The North Hill Local History group have prepared a book, The Fallen of North Hill Parish”, to remember the men and the woman with connections to the parish who lost their lives in this conflict.

The book was launched on 3rd August 2014 at a presentation, display and book launch at North Hill Village Hall. Images of the day and the posters used can be seen here. Posters include some moving stories and posters about ‘our’ casualties and World War One.

Since the book has been published more casualties have been made known to us and they are remembered alongside their fallen comrades on this website on the Roll of Honour. For a list of the casualties click on the poppy.

If you have any knowledge, information, pictures or artefacts which would be useful in telling their stories, or casualties not yet identified on this website please let us know.


The railings protecting the war memorial were replaced in February 2015. On 13th April 2015 it was reported to the parish council that the war memorial had been listed by English Heritage as a Grade II structure.



Memorial window in St Torney’s Church


Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units

The British Resistance Archive has a detailed page of the “Coad’s Green Auxiliary Unit Patrol” which mentions the following members:

·        Sergeant Walter Tucker

·        A Douglas Murray

·        S Jack Gribble

·        W Leonard Brent

·        S Jack Creber joined H M Forces April 1943

·        F Alan Gillbard

·        Arthur F Harris

·        and possibly Sydney T Palmer –

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North Hill Home Guard

This picture has been kindly loaned to us by Barbara Lake. Some of the men have been identified by John Panter, Pat Bartlett and Derry Maunder. If you can add to any of the names so far identified, make corrections, or indicate family connections, please do let us know. E-mail to northhillhistory@gmail.com .


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FRONT ROW: (Positions counter L-R)

1 - Edgar Brent; 4 - Jack Brent (father of Edgar Brent, both of Coad’s Green); 5 - William Panter (great-uncle of John Panter of Lewannick); 7 - Arthur Lea (Trewanta near Trevadlock); 8 - Stuart Dymond (Coad’s Green); 10 - Sid Daniel (Bathpool, grandfather of David); 11 - Garfield Stephens (Trefrize); 12 - Jack Alford (Ashwell)?


6 - Frank Finnamore (Coads Green, grandfather of Joyce); 9 - Ron Lake; 11 - Harold Harris (Bathpool, proprietor of R.Harris & Sons, blacksmiths and machinery)


3 - Alfred Burden (Bladder Cottage, Waycross)?; 7 - John Landrey (Way Cross); 8 - Albert Williams; 11 - Ernie Parsons (Illand); 12 - Clifford Hocking (Trefuge)


1 - Fred Snook; 4 - Wilfred Lake (Pryors, father of Barbara Lake); 5 - Joe Batten; 7 - Arthur Finnemore; 9 - Jack  Jenkins; 8 - Jack Andrew (Illand); 10 - Basil Palmer (Coad’s Green); 11 -Sid Palmer (uncle of Basil Palmer)


North Hill Women’s Institute in World War 2

The Women’s Institute Minute Book which covered the Second World War was destined to be taken away with the rubbish but was saved and has been tucked away in a drawer for some years. The book was passed to the North Hill History Group and some extracts on the ladies’ exploits are shown in this document .. WI in WW2 (pdf file).

The saving of the book and its loan to Coad’s Green WI was reported in the Cornish and Devon Post of 28 May 2015. The article has been extracted and can be seen here.


The four images that make up the banner at the top of this page are (L-R): The parish war memorial at Congdon’s Shop; the fourteen servicemen whose names are remembered on the war memorial at Congdon’s Shop; the Chatham Memorial where the names of sailors whose body was never recovered are remembered; the iconic silhouette from the opening credits of the BBC programme, The Great War.

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