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James Tucker was born around 1752 in Sourton in Devon and came to North Hill around the 1780s. In 1788 he married Elizabeth Symons in St Torney’s Church and they set up home at Treveniel Mill. The marriage was blessed with nine children in the period from 1789 to 1808 and all the children were christened in St Torney’s.

When James died in 1809 and was buried in North Hill, Elizabeth was left with a young family and no bread winner. In 1813 she remarried to a local man Thomas Doidge but no children came from this relationship.

Two of the nine children that Elizabeth had with James had died and were buried in the churchyard - Grace was 9 months old and William was just a few days old when they were buried. James, named after his father, married Sally Kennor and farmed at Bowda until his death in 1854. There are two other children of the nine, John and Jennifer, about whom we know nothing after their christenings.

Elizabeth moved with Thomas to Calstock taking the remaining four children who survived to adulthood.

The eldest of these four was Edward who had been born in North Hill in 1790 and married in 1818 in Calstock to Jane Kitto. Like his parents before him, Edward, had a large family. He and Jane had 10 children between 1819 and 1839.

On 19 November 1840 Edward, Jane and seven of their children boarded the barque “William Bryan”, pictured here, bound for New Zealand and a new life. They arrived off the newly selected site of New Plymouth, Taranaki on March 31st 1841 with the first 148 Company settlers.

The passengers were told they would have houses to live in and everything was ready for them - but the reality was quite different.  This was the first settlers’ ship into New Plymouth and all they had were huts made from raupo, a kind of bullrush. The women were so reluctant to leave the ship the authorities removed the children first in order to force the women off.

The family eventually settled in the area around Hawkes Bay on North Island, New Zealand. The eldest child, named Edward (born 1823 in Calstock and pictured here) after his father, married a Cornish girl from St Kew, Emma Phillips, who had emigrated on the same voyage as Edward. Emulating his parents and grandparents, Edward had eleven children.

The chart shows the five servicemen who gave their lives in World War One and World War Two who were the grandchildren or great grandchildren of Edward and Emma Tucker. The fascinating biography of Richard Tucker (1855-1922) shown in this chart is recorded in TEARA, the Encyclopaedia of New Zealand; he was a successful wool scourer.

We are indebted to Tracey O’Donoghue of New Zealand whose research has provided the foundations for the story of the Tucker her family. Her website of the family’s history carries much more information.



Commonwealth War Graves Commission citation:

·       Rank: Trooper

·       Service No: 43118

·       https://nzhistory.govt.nz/files/styles/fullsize/public/images/camel-badge.jpg?itok=l1TWjafoDate of Death: 27 November 1917

·       Age: 30

·       Regiment/Service: Imperial Camel Corps (New Zealand) 16th New Zealand Coy.

·       Grave Reference: B. 39.

·       Cemetery: Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel

·       Grave B39.

·       Additional Information: Son of Richard and Maria Tucker.

Remembered on the Clive War Memorial, New Zealand as a member of the 25th Reinforcements.

Some wonderful images of the Camel Corps can be seen here.




Commonwealth War Graves Commission citation:

·       Rank: Rifleman

·       Service No: 14886

·       Date of Death: 12 October 1917

·       Age: 28

·       Regiment/Service: New Zealand Rifle Brigade "D" Coy. 2nd Bn. 3rd

·       Panel Reference: N.Z. Apse, Panel 7.

·       Memorial: Tyne Cot Memorial

·       Additional Information: Son of Sarah Ann Tucker, of West Clive, Napier, and the late Joseph Tucker.

Eric was a butcher in his civilian life.

Remembered on the Clive War Memorial, New Zealand as a member of the 33rd Reinforcements.



Commonwealth War Graves Commission citation:

·       Rank: Trooper

·       Service No: 50113

·       Date of Death: 1 Apr 1918

·       Regiment/Service: Wellington Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F.

·       Panel Reference: Panel 1.

·       Memorial: Jerusalem Memorial

·       Additional Information: Son of Edward and Sarah Ellen Tucker, of 188, Parade, Island Bay, Wellington. New Zealand. Native of Hawkes Bay.

Frederick was a driver in civilian life.

Remembered on the Clive War Memorial, New Zealand as a member of the 26th Reinforcements.



Commonwealth War Graves Commission citation:

·       Rank: Corporal

·       Service No: 44622

·       Date of Death: 9 September 1943

·       Age: 25

·       Regiment/Service: New Zealand Army Service Corps

·       Grave Reference: 5. K. 11.

·       Cemetery: Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt

·       Additional Information: Son of William Tucker and of Julia Ambrosina Tucker (nee Carmichael), of Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand; husband of Jean Harvey Tucker, of Hastings.

Allan died in Egypt from erisipelas, a bacterial infection of the upper layer of skin.

Remembered on the Clive War Memorial, New Zealand.



Commonwealth War Graves Commission citation:

·       Rank: Gunner

·       Service No: 28903

·       Date of Death: 12 May 1944

·       Age: 33

·       Regiment/Service: New Zealand Artillery 5 Field Regt.

·       Grave Reference: III. A. 3.

·       Cemetery: Prague War Cemetery; Location: Prague 3, Jana Želivského, Olšany Cemetery, Prague




Clive War Memorial (NZ)


The banner image at the top of the page shows four of the five members of the Tucker family who gave their lives in World War One and World War Two.

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