THE HISTORY OF TREBARTHA HALL - Extracts from a talk by Robert Latham in October 2011



10.4 Lemarne.jpg

Lemarne in 2006

This is Lemarne as it was in 2006. This was originally built as two homes, back to back either side of the fireplace, each comprising one large room downstairs and one large room upstairs. It is listed as eighteenth century and was probably occupied by workers at the Lemarne Mine. Eventually the two homes were converted to a single dwelling with two large living rooms and a single staircase upstairs. It then became the gamekeeperís cottage and the kennels can still be seen in the garden.

The house was in a poor way in 2006 and had been clad in white corrugated iron, as can be seen in the photograph above. There was no mains electricity and power came from an old generator, see below.

10.5 Lemarne.jpg


The image at the top of the page shows views of and around Trebartha Hall used by Robert Latham in his talk.

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