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1900 – January

Constable Boundy goes from North Hill to Canworthy Water and is replaced by Constable Bartlett.


List of occupations in the parish. Read more ...

1904 – August

At Kingbear, North Hill on Tuesday Mr John Lawrence of Berrio was fatally injured while assisting in saving hay.

1907 – June

Persons who returned by Mr J C Bartlett’s (North Hill) brake had a narrow escape on Saturday evening. On reaching Two Bridges it is customary for the passengers to alight and walk up the old hill to Lewannick, meeting the bus, which goes on by the less steep road to Lewannick, at the top. Two ladies preferred to remain seated. Near the sharp bend to Lewannick the horses took fright at the approach of a motor car and swereved around, smashing one wheel. They then made off towards Launceston, the axle dragging on the ground until the whole upset. One lady jumped out before the vehicle overturned and the other lady and the driver escaped with a severe shaking.

1908 – February 3rd

The Western Daily Mercury reported on a proposal to bring a railway line to Congdon’s Shop in North Hill, connecting it with Kelly Bray, Gunnislake, Calstock, Bere Alston and ultimately Plymouth. Read more ...

1911 – May

Mr H Kent’s premises at Farmer’s Inn, North Hill were entered and ransacked during the temporary absence of Mrs Kent on Tuesday afternoon. The whole house had obviously ben searched and £2 17s 0d in cash was missing.

1911 – June

The second annual fete of Court Light of the West [a teetotal friendly society], North Hill, was held on Monday in a field lent by Mr Palmer.

1911 – July

A fire broke out at Tolcarne farm, North Hill on Monday in a loft filled with hay and straw. Some sheep and pigs in the under part of the building were rescued but the building was gutted. Tramps are suspected.

1912 – August

The Trigg Major Rurideaconal Magazine report on North Hill activities in July. Read more ...

1915 – April

Early on Saturday morning the inhabitants of North Hill heard of the death of Mrs Rendell Rodd, wife of the late Major Rendell Rodd, who died and was buried in Rome and cousin of Mr F R Rodd of Trebartha Hall.

1915 – May 13th

Miss Caroline Wadge (63) of North Hill was found in an armchair on Thursday morning. At the inquest a verdict of death from natural causes was recorded. [The notice of her death placed in the West Briton & Cornwall Advertiser said that she died at Font Hill in Lewannick].

1915 – November

Pte Mark Duance, son of Mr & Mrs Duance of Penhole, Coad’s Green was wounded in action. [He was killed on 3 October 1916]. Read more ...

1916 – June 5th

North Hill resolution that too much labour is being wasted on road maintenance. Read more ...

1916 – November 10th

Henry Strike, landlord of the Ring o’ Bells, prosecuted in respect of the death of William Prout. Read more ... (0.6mb jpg)

1917 – February 1st

Report of the death of William Peter of Kingbear, for 45 years the keeper of Exeter Castle. Read more ...


The Ring o’ Bells pub in North Hill closes after an orgy of violence which led to the death of a man after he was thrown from a cart on the way home at Newhams Corner. You can read more on the history of the Ring o’ Bells on the Coumbe website. Read more ...

1920 – January

Mr James Downing on his 70th birthday has retired from the work of rural postman at Coad’s Green. He is estimated to have walked 150,000 miles during the 33 years of his duties.

1921 – November

A letter to the editor [of a local newspaper] suggests that the opening of a railway from Kelly Bray to Five Lanes (Altarnun) through Coad’s Green would provide work for the unemployed during the winter months.

1922 – February

Sheep scab has broken out in a moorland grazing farm at Trebartha, North Hill and about 190 sheep were affected.

1922 – April

Seated on a large granite roller the nine year old son of Mr W Congdon of Illand, Coad’s Green was holding the reins of two horses which were being led by his father. The latter hearing a sudden scream turned to see that the lad had fallen and the heavy mass of granite was passing completely over his body. Dr Budd was urgently summoned from Launceston. On examination he reported that no bones had been broken and no damage done.

1922 – November

Hunting with the East Cornwall Hounds at Trebartha, North Hill on Friday, Miss Doris Shillabear aged 24 of Tavistock was thrown when her horse trod in a rabbit hole. She died in Launceston Hospital.

1925 – November

North Hill Wesleyan Chapel, renovated and decorated at a cost of £85 was re-opened on Thursday by Mrs E Downing of Trevadlock.

1926 – January

A scheme to extend the branch railway from Kelly Bray to Altarnun, starting first with a goods and mineral service and developing later on to a passenger service was described by Mr W C Foxlee MOCE at a meeting in the Men’s Institute, Kelly Bray on Thursday.

1926 – February

There was a lengthy hearing of an application by Lieut G Bishop for an off licence for Colin Park, Congdon’s Shop. It was stated that although there were formerly licensed houses at North Hill, Bray Shop and Lewannick, the nearest were now at Five Lanes and Rilla Mill. There was considerable objection to the application, Mr Isaac Foot representing several of the objectors. The bench refused to grant a licence.

1926 – March

A girl found lying unconscious by the roadside between Congdon’s Shop and Lewannick is now in Launceston Hospital and is too ill to give any account of her mishap. She has a fractured collar bone and a fractured skull.

1926 – November

A branch of the Junior Imperial League was formed at North Hill under the guidance of Lt-Cmdr Denton. Officers are Messrs E Painter, J Budge, H Harris, C Jonas, Marlow, Mesdames Symons, Carter, M Fuge, Misses S Carter, Gayland, Paynter, Brown & V Carter.

1926 – December

Mr & Mrs E S Rodd and Major Rodd entertained the beaters and workmen of the Trebartha Estate, North Hill to supper on Tuesday.

1931 – March 18th

Report from The Times on the trial of Sarah Hearne accused of the alleged murder of Alice Thomas of Trenhorne. Read more ... (1.5mb jpg)

1931 – September

Mr H Alford of Ashwell Farm, Coad’s Green, fell underneath the horses while cutting corn. He sustained a broken leg and other injuries.

1936 – May

Before the East Cornwall Foxhounds moved off from Trebartha Hall on Friday a presentation of a clock and cheque was made to huntsman Edward Pope by Major Stanhope Rodd who is joint master of the hunt with Major W C Peel. Ted Pope has served with the hunt ever since the time of the late Mr Marshall.

1936 – August 3rd

Report on failed prosecution against Ernest Brown alleging he employed an 11 year old boy to collect parking fees at Berrio Fair. William Wakem declared he was the parking attendant. Read more ...

1939 – October 27th

Report on the Coad’s Green funeral of James Downing (89), postman and sub-postmaster. A long list of local people who attended the service is listed. Read more ... (1.5mb jpg)

1941 – April

A victim in the Plymouth “blitz” was Miss O M Willing, niece of the Rector of North Hill and a nurse in Plymouth, was killed by enemy action.

1941 – August 16th

Report of a road accident near Trebartha involving Mr Hooper and investigated by Inspector Doney. Read more ...

1941 – December

A cheque has been presented to Mr F E Thomas on behalf of the pupils of his evening class at Coad’s Green, on his leaving for Hayle. Mr Thomas who has been headmaster of Coad’s Green School has also received a cheque from managers, scholars and friends.

1942 – April

A stick of bombs was dropped between Hawks Tor and Bearah Tor, North Hill. Read more ...

1942 – September

Lumber Jills are doing a splendid job of work at North Hill; a detachment of the Women’s Timber Corps are operating in the large woods at Trebartha under the control of Mr W B Knowles. Working like men with axes and crosscut saws, they are producing a steady flow of pit props, telegraph poles and other necessities for the war effort.

1943 – December 8th

Anne Stephens is fined for trespass whilst looking for rabbits. Read more ...

1944 – April

A 21 year old girl working as a timber feller at Trebartha Hall was found strangled after a dance at Rilla Mill. The following morning a 23 year old farm worker at North Hill was to have been questioned as to his whereabouts but killed himself with a shotgun.

1944 – December

Mr Clarence Reginald Jackett, 28, of Trecombe, Stoke Climsland died after being crushed under a tractor at Lynher farm, North Hill.

1944 – December

Yeoman of Signals James Algie of Penhole, Coad’s Green has been mentioned in despatches for distinguished service.

1945 – June

Members of the North Hill hygiene class have presented an inscribed silver inkstand to Mr T A Judd of Yeolmbridge in appreciation of lectures given by him during last winter.

1945 – September

Owing to the death of Major Beasley the Hawk’s wood mine at North Hill has closed down.

1946 – May

Mr F A Davey resigned from the post of Clerk of North Hill Parish Council after 27 years in office.

1946 – June

This year’s carnival queen at North Hill is Miss Kathleen Snook with Barbara Hawke and Patricia Mitchell as her attendants

1946 – December

English and German choirs combined at a special service of Christmas carols at Gutterslohe in the British zone of Germany. They had been trained by Cpt Harold W Dawe, a former organist of Coad’s Green Methodist Church who also accompanied the singing throughout,

1948 – September

Coad’s Green last evacuee, Irene Heron, has now returned home to London after a 5 year stay with Mr & Mrs W Ellacott of Trefrize.

1949 – February 24th

Report on the demolition and history of Trebartha Hall. Read more ... (2.5mb jpg)

1949 – December

North Hill Methodists and their friends re-opened their chapel which had undergone complete renovation.

1950 – September

Rev W Basil Bowyer commenced his duties as superintendent of the North Hill Circuit on Sunday.

1951 – March

The dream of villagers came true on Wednesday when Mr Charles Gillbard of Trebartha Barton went to an auction sale of ex-Army Nissen Huts at Callington and made a purchase. [Presumably this was to become the village hall?]

1951 – July

North Hill Carnival and Dance was held in fine weather. The event was organised by the North Hill Village Hall committee, Miss Jean Gillbard being the secretary. Read more ...

1951 – September

Miss Kathleen Dymond collected £1 5s 0d and Miss Jennifer Quick £1 2s 0d for the National Children’s Home. These amounts have been sent by scholars and friends of Congdon’s Shop Sunday School.

1952 – January

Two accidents occured at Coad’s Green on Saturday. Mr Charles Maunder had the misfortune to break his leg while playing football against St Mellion and later in the evening Mr Jack Brent of the village fell from a skidding cycle he was riding and was admitted to Launceston Hospital suffering from concussion, face and nose injuries and bruising.

1954 – May

A record kept by Mr H Landry of Lemarne, North Hill shows a total rainfall in April of 1.47 inches as compared with 4.13 inches in the same month in 1953. It was a very dry month and generally cold.

1956 – January

A new St John Cadet Ambulance Division has been formed at Coad’s Green.

1956 – May

The first ever old people’s bungalow to be built by the Launceston Rural Council was formally opened at Coad’s Green.

1959 – August

The recent competition for the best kept village in Cornwall run by the county branch of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England has been won this year by Coad’s Green in the parish of North Hill in Launceston Rural District. They were second prize winners in 1958.

1960 – February

Launceston is likely to see another play by Mrs Kathleen Mackenzie, the North Hill novelist and playwright who wrote “To the Glory of God” the story of the parish church of St Stephens, seen by hundreds as part of the church’s septcentenary celebration last October.

1960 – October

There was another local fire on Tuesday night, the second within a fortnight. This time a barn about 20ft by 30ft and its contents including some four tons of hay and a threshing machine was destroyed. The barn was situated in an isolated position at Bland Farm, Congdon’s Shop, the residence of Mr E J Alford being in a field about half a mile away from the nearest building.

1961 – November

A North Hill resident who enjoys a ‘flutter’ especially when it does good to others has had a big win, announced in the current weekly circular of the Friends of Spastics League. He is Mr T C Smith of 5 Lynher Way, North Hill whose win was £228.

1965 – July

After being “dry” for some 70 years North Hill is to have a public house again. This has been made possible by farmer Mr Richard Billy Martin Budge, who bought the former primary school which has been converted to “The Racehorse”.

1966 – April

Social event to celebrate the election victory of Liberal, John Pardoe. Read more ...

1968 – March

Mr D E Phillips expressed great concern over the inclusion of the Hawks Tor site in the valley of the Withey Brook as a possible dam and impending reservoir for Plymouth’s main source of supply.

1968 – August

Mr & Mrs Rashley were among the judges at North Hill Horticultural Show which was opened by Miss J Rendell of Yeolmbridge who received a bouquet from Miss Sally Froud.

1969 – May

Four members of CCoad’s Green St  John Cadets won the finals of the East Cornwall area quiz. The winners were Bryant Cornish, Richard White, Marlene Cornish and Russell Palmer.

1969 – June

The annual North Hill Carnival procession was led by Carnival Queen Melanie farren and her attendants Susan and Caroline Bloomfield.

1969 – October

The old foot bridge which carries footpath No.9 over the River Lynher at Castick, North Hill is to be replaced at a cost of £150.

1969 – December

The parish of North Hill congratulates Mrs Lilias Williams of Battens Mill on the occasion of her 101st birthday.

1970 – APPROX!!

North Hill Methodist Church celebrated it’s anniversary. Can you tell us when this was? Read more ...

1971 – June

Miss Marion Vernon of Chillaton was crowned North Hill Carnival Queen by Mrs J D Rashley of Launceston. The attendant was Miss Maureen Lindsay of Stonaford in North Hill.

1973 - December

Lilias Williams celebrates her 105th birthday. Read more ...

1975 – February

Mr Bryan Latham, head of the family which runs the 4000 acre Trebartha Estate has just graduated in the Open University – and he is in his 80th year – gaining a degree in arts, history and social services.

1975 – February

Richard Bartlett played the lead role in Coad’s Green Players’ pantomime ‘Robinson Crusoe’ with Lorraine Palmer as Meg Arbuthnot, his bride to be.

1975 – June

Mounted marshals Misses Rosemary and Jackie Bloomfield led the North Hill Carnival procession, with the large number of visiting queens being led by North Hill Carnival Queen Miss Judy Bloomfield.

1976 – June

At North Hill Carnival a traction engine driven by Mr Paul Tucker of Coad’s Green assisted by Mr Lionel Hadon towed the trailer for the Carnival Queen. Miss Vanessa Randall and her attendants Miss Jane Bartlett and Miss Joy Sampson.

1976 – February

Miss Florence Morcom of Lanoy House, Coad’s Green will be invested as a Serving Sister of the Order of St John at a ceremony in London on February 26th.

1976 – September

Mr Harold Dawe aged 60, who hails from Coad’s Green and is believed to be the longest serving RAF church organist, has decided to retire. He received a certificate commemorating 43 years service to the Methodist Church and a plaque marking 36 years as organist in Service churches.

1977 – April

County Councillor Mr Leslie Hooper was pleased to hear that Coad’s Green School was to remain open with no future review as to its future for at least three years.

1977 – August

Jim Bloy was a winner of the third series of six weekly rodeos at North Hill. Mr Monty Wadland provided an entertaining commentary and the judges were Mr Basil Young and Mr Bob Bloomfield.


Cottage Industries, North Hill Show. Read more ... (0.6mb jpg)

2013 – May to June

Beating the Bounds. Four walks to mark the extent of the parish. Read more...


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