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The original Coad’s Green Chapel was built. The present chapel sited next to the school was built in 1849

1828 – April 28th

The first burial at Coad’s Green Methodist Church was 82 year old Sarah, the wife of Richard Hancock of Callington.

1828 – August 21st

Execution in Bodmin Gaol of 21 year old Thomas Pring Coumbe of North Hill for burglary. Read more ... (2mb)


The Rev Charles Rodd started the now defunct custom of granting a packet of tea, a packet of sugar and cake as a new year’s gift to all the deserving widows of the parish.

1840 – October 12th

Publication of North Hill Tithe Map and Apportionment Book. It showed the properties, owners and occupiers of land in the parish and their notional tithe liability which would be paid from taxation. Each plot is named and described. The CD of the book and map is available from the Cornwall Record Office.

1846 – July

Three soldiers deserted in Tavistock. After an adventurous time they visited the Ring o’ Bells in North Hill before being apprehended in Middlewood. Read more ... (0.6mb jpg)

1846 – September 10th

Report of a rich monkey in Launceston. Read more ...


Major restoration works on the chancel and sanctuary of St Torney’s Church. Read more ...

1873 – October 16th

The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser reports on Mark Duance of North Hill being kept as a servant without a licence by his master, Nathaniel Reed of Lewannick. Read more ...

1880 – January

Mr Edward Hearle Rodd of Penzance had been to see his invalid elder brother, Mr Francis Rodd of Trebartha Hall, near Launceston and on the return journey caught a severe cold. He died on Sunday.

1880 – June

Bostock and Wombwell’s Royal National Menagerie, the Queen’s Exhibition, the Leviathan Establishment of the age! This world famous zoological collection will next week be visiting Camelford, Launceston (two days), Congdon Shop and Callington. The cortege of 18 huge carriages contains over 600 birds, beasts and reptiles, and 50 powerful draught horses. Admission 1s, children 6d.

1885 – February

Mr Henry Davey (46) of Penhole, North Hill met with a fatal accident on Saturday night a short distance beyond the village of South Petherwin. He was a member of the Launceston Highways Board. He is buried in Coad’s Green Methodist Churchyard.

1886 – June

Mr F R Rodd of Trebartha has suggested a scheme for settling the Launceston water supply question. If this scheme proves practicable Launceston will be under a lasting obligation to that gentleman.

1886 – December

In appreciation of four years of management of the Trebartha Mine, Captain E W Temby recieved a silver inkstand as a token of esteem fro miners and labourers employed at the mine.


List of occupations in the parish. Read more ...


Berriow Bridge was widened to its present size.

1892 – February

A terrific hailstorm at North Hill last week caused considerable damage and more than 100 panes of glass were broken by the large hail stones. The greatest damage was caused at Mr Dingle’s house, 25 panes being smashed.

1892 – December

Launceston Town Council is still debating the water question. We suggest that instead of going to Kingbear or Hawks Tor for a supply of water at a cost of £400 a year for 30 years, an artesian well should be considered. Windmill is said to be full of water. What do the geologists say?

1892 – December

Mr Rennel Rodd who has been appointed to act as Her Majesty’s Agent and Consul General in Zanzibar is a member of the Rodd family of Trebartha Hall, near Launceston.

1893 – January

With the view to expediting the solution of the vexed question of Launceston’s water supply, seven members of the council visited two of the suggested sources for a new supply – Hawks Tor and Kingbear. They travelled in a brake from Millmans

1894 – March

While William Force, the son of Mr W Force, bootmaker, of North Hill was chopping sticks on Saturday he accidentally cut off his thumb. Dr Gibson was called and attended the youth who is progressing favourably.

1897 – April

Rev Richard Davey, formerly of Callington, is about to return for a second term at North Hill.


Before 1800

1800 - 1899

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