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HENRY SPOURE 1678-1687

Henry, pictured above, died when just ten years old and was clearly the apple of his father’s eye. His loss was deeply felt by his family and his father, Edmund, set up lasting memorials to his son in The Book of Spoure, in a collection of poems and by the construction of a monument to Henry in North Hill Church, shown below.


Edmund described his son in the Book of Spoure:

“Henry the son of Edmund and Mary was a most beautiful and sweet youth ... he was the wonder of his years for disposition and complacence ... and reverence to his superiors and particularly to his duty and love to his parents. I could find few his equal and his sweet temper and behaviour to all ranks of people made him admired as well as esteemed and beloved of all. But those excellences were too good to continue long ... so we must submit with thankfulness to what God wills to be done and say the Lord gives and the Lord takes, Blessed be the name of the Lord.”





SpoureMonument.jpgThe Heraldry on the tomb is explained on the Spoure family page.




The two central figures are Henry Spoure, the deceased, and his younger sister Mary.



The two kneeing figures are Edmund Spoure and his wife Mary, nee Rodd.


The funeral of Henry Spoure was described in some detail in the Book of Spoure (as written):

The Funerall of this Henry was perform’d in a very Genteel and handsome manner, his Corpse.was inclosed in a very neat coffin, cover’d all over with black broad Cloath, addorn’d with white Neals, and his name, and the date of the year on the cover, and this coffin, put again into another Coffin of Lead, with a Plate of Brass fixt on the top of itt with this inscription:

“This is the interred Body of Henry Spoure, the only Son of Edmund Spoure Esqr of Trebartha Northill, by Mary his wife, the Eldest Daughter of James Rodd Esqr of Oakehay in the Parish of Stoakcannon in the County of Devon, who departed this life the Sixteenth day of March in the fourth year of the Reign of King James the 2d of England &c: Anno Dom 1687:”

He was Borne the Ninth of October: 1677. He lived ten years five months and seven days. His herse was cover’d over with a rich Velvett pall, with scouchions on itt, he was borne to his grave by five Esqrs and three Gentn as William Bond, William Bleigh, John Vincent, Nicholas Cock, William Hooper Esqrs  Thomas Rowe, Thomas Spoure and Henry Bond Gentn which had all rings, Scarfs, Hatbands, and Gloves, his funeral was also attended by a multitude of the Neighbourhood round the Country: and there was a handsome Treat of Cold Meats Propper for such an occasion provided for them. and the meat in each dish adorn’d with streamers stuck in itt with escouchions on one side and deaths head on the other with this Motto - Memento Mori – and on some prepare to follow HS – besides Wine some mul’d and some Colde, and such like, the great Parlour where [the] herse lay, was hung all with black, with Scouchions all round the Roome and eight silk scouchions on the herse, the platt, Little Parlour and the Hall, were also hung round with Scouchions. With a Large Hatchment att the higher end of the Hall. Likewise the Pulpit was hung in black with a Scouchion on itt, and the Spoure Ile hung round with black with 12 Escouchions laid round about itt, He was buried about one or two of the clock in the after Noon.

His Funeral Sermon was Preach’d by Mr John Darley, his text was the first Chapter of Ecclesiastes, and the first part of the first verse, the words thus. [This is actually Ecclesiastes 12v1]

Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evill days come not nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them. And he made an excellent Sermon on the text.

The Psalm that was sung at his funeral was part of the beginning of the 40th Psalm.


The header image shows Henry Spoure, taken from the Book of Spoure and from the monument in St Torney’s church

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