In the 1841 census the population of the parish was 1,234. 151 people were listed as agricultural labourers and 48 as farmers. The following people were listed as farmers (their age is shown as in the 1841 census which recorded ages rounded down to the nearest 5 years):

Spelling is as used on the 1841 census.

Farm Farmer Age
Bearah Richd Barrett 55
Berrio Edward Peter 50
Beuland John Buckingham 75
Buland John Hounsevell 25
Clitters George Harris 40
Coad's Green John Peter 30
East Castick John Limon 60
East Tremollelt William Coumbe 40
East Tremollelt Thomas Retallack 35
Glubhole Ann Davey 50
Halfacre John Coumbe 45
Illand William Hurden 30
Illand Francis Hurden 30
Illand John Peter 75
Kingbeare Thos Peter 45
Landreyne Richard Cracker 55
Langstone Edward Peter 35
Lanoy William Pethick 55
Lanoy Mine Cottage Robert Hicks 35
Lewarn Richd Horrell 45
Lewarn Wm Harris 55
Lewarn Richd Hocking 70
Lynher John Bradford 45
Lynher Wm Downing 75
Farm Farmer Age
Lynher John Downing 40
Newtown Robert Mander 25
North Boternell Edwd Budge Caunter 40
North Boternell Edwd Foott 40
North Hill Village John Coad 25
Penhole Susanna Jenkin 60
Penhole William Davy 35
Slippera Hill Henry Maunder 65
Stonaford Peter Stacey 55
Stonaford John Coumbe 45
Symons John Coumbe 60
Talcarn William Pomeroy 50
Trebartha Barton Michael Spear 65
Trekernald William Wevill 55
Treswell William Foot 70
Trewethy Edward Jasper 30
Trewethy John Budge 60
Uphill Thos Horrell 40
Uphill John Peter 50
West Berriow Wm Daw 45
West Castick John Luskey 60
West Tremellott Thomas Jasper 25
West Tremellott John Jasper 25
West Tremollett Thomas Jasper 70

Farm animals have been grazed on the open moor since the Bronze Age. Twelve Men's Moor is the part of Bodmin Moor that is used by North Hill farmers.

The banner image shows two views of harvest time in the fields and a calf grazing on Twelve Men's Moor.