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Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II - 1977

Betty Gribble is in the middle under the red pennant wearing the blue check coat

Mrs Anne Latham in the pink coat

Where was the bonfire lit? Gwen Prowse on the extreme left; 7th from the left in dark rimmed glasses and cream waistcoat is Mrs Margaret Butter. (Thanks to Kara, the granddaughter of Margaret) What is happening here?

Debbie (left) and Nikki Duance. (NS) Debbie Duance. (NS) Millie Duance. (NS)
With thanks to Brian Ruby and Nikki Slater (nee Duance).

North Hill Carnival - July 1951

North Hill Carnival and Dance was held in fine weather. The event was organised by the North Hill Village Hall committee, Miss Jean Gillbard being the secretary.

Assembling at the school, the colourful procession led by Mr H Kinver and Miss Monica Reilly and their two attendants, misses Barbara & Margaret Andrews, proceeded through the village to the playing field. Leading the procession were mounted marshals in scarlet coats – Messrs P Peter and B Bloomfield.

Prize winners included:
children .. under 14, comic - Mervyn Jones (Mr Ration, the butcher); James Reilly (Yankee Doodle went to town);
children .. under 14, original – Valerie Warne (Sunflower); Joy Worden (Black cat for luck); Cynthia Crapp (Scotch girl);
tableau original .. Misses M & J Gillbard (In an old world garden); Ivor Stephens , C Bartlett, T Bartlett and Jean Percy (Red Indians); Misses Mavis Peter Budge, B Hollingsworth, H Hollingsworth, P Jasper, C Pridham, Roger Peter Budge (The Icy North)
tableau .. Messrs R Halls, C Warne, R Hocking and J Orchard (Over the garden wall)

North Hill Carnival - but when?

What year was this? Nikki Slater thinks it was around 1984. Can you name any of the people in these photos or tell us more about what is going on?

Sharon Thomas and Angela Ruby are attendants.(TW) Diana Ruby and Micheala Goodchild are attendants. (TW) We Want To Be Smiths Crisps

Brian Ruby and possibly Robert Smith (walking). (TW) Anita Randall, attendant on the left. (TW)

Kenneth Smith driving the tractor. (TW)

Tessa Walker nee Smith, her sister Kay with Rachel, Susan, Sharon & Robert Thomas, and Angela and Diana Ruby. (TW) Sharon Thomas the fairy queen. (TW)

Mandy and Karen Dawe are attendants. (TW)

Micheala Goodchild and Diana Ruby are attendants. (TW) Angela Ruby and Nikki Duance who thinks they won second prize (possibly 50p each). Tessa Smith and Nikki Duance as Little Red Riding Hood

North Hill Youth Club float;some of the names are Angela Ruby, Brian Holden, Michaela Goodchild, Stuart Budge and Nikki Duance.
With thanks to Brian Ruby, Nikki Slater (nee Duance) and Tessa Walker.

The Millennium - 2000

A granite stone to mark the millennium was placed on the village green at Congdon's Shop


North Hill and Coad's Green both have a strong reputation for its annual pantomime. Each pantomime has a unique slant and, in the best tradition of pantomime, wonderfully exaggerated performances. If you haven’t been to one, you are missing a real treat.

Do you have a programme from a pantomime not shown here? Could we please publish what you’ve got? Please contact the webmaster (e-mail address at the foot of this page).

Winter 1950/1.
Cinderella pantomime programme (cover). (Date provided by Jill Taylor, nee Carpenter, of Vancouver who lived at Fourways, Trebartha when she was a child).
Winter 1950/1.
Cinderella pantomime programme (cast).
Date required.
Babes In the Wood pantomime (cover).
Date required.
Babes in the Wood pantomime (cast).
2014 Pantomime

1821 Coronation Feast at Trebartha Hall

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