North Hill village and Coad's Green have each put on their own events, as well as combined events such as those for the Millennium and the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.

Other places in the parish have events such as the Christmas carol singing around the nativity scene at Berrio, Carols on the Bridge event in Bathpool and the Christmas Lights in Slipper Hill. The Botternell Races once took place on the fields between Botternell and Kingbear.

Two of Coad's Green's individual events, a History Day and the Carnival & Hey Day, are shown in that section of this website. Please follow the links.

The North Hill Local History Group has also organised events of note. The launch of the book "The Fallen of North Hill Parish" was a major project as was the revival of The Beating of the Parish Bounds.

The images in the banner at the top of the page show scenes from (L-R) North Hill Carnival; walk around Bearah Farm; bonfire for the Queen's Jubilee; The Fallen of North Hill Parish Booklaunch; Coad's Green Carnival.